“I’ve been an athlete my entire life, and always believed that I was my own best trainer, until I met John. I happened into one of John’s classes by accident and took a single kettlebells class. Soon, I began training once a week, because as a trial lawyer with a hectic work and home life I’d convinced myself I was too busy for anything more. Once a week quickly turned into taking every class I could attend.

John is a world class trainer with a wealth of knowledge. I found that I quickly lost weight, gained muscle mass, and adopted a healthier diet, all as a result of his training and teaching. In a fitness world where it seems anyone can open a gym, it has been refreshing to train with someone that truly knows his craft and is constantly seeking more knowledge. I see John train students in their 20’s as effortlessly as he trains students in their 60’s. For me, with a business and a family to support, its important to train injury free. John is constantly involved in observing and tweaking my form so that I stay healthy, and that might be his greatest asset.
These days, I set my schedule around his class schedule, and I learned a valuable lesson: You’re never too busy to invest in yourself.”


Mediator/Trial Lawyer

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