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Mind and Body Strength

Martial arts and fitness training strengthen both mind and body and at Source 1 we use these qualities to help students realize the amount of control they have over their own lives. This enables them to set, reach and surpass health and fitness goals far beyond their current expectations. Nothing is more empowering.


Training at Source 1 will help you look, feel and move better than ever! Strength is the primary attribute of all physical activity and it is attainable with the proper exercise technique and programming. At Source 1 we utilize the kettlebell, barbell and an improved diet to achieve our students’ strength, fitness and body composition goals. Whether you want to look great on the beach, fit into an old pair of jeans or be strong enough for the next unexpected event, we can prepare you!

Martial Arts

There are many approaches to martial arts and the Source 1 method is truly well-rounded. Drawing on a variety of martial arts from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Europe and America we teach fluid, quick, efficient movement that is powerful and effective. This varied approach gives our students an understanding of many combat and self defense scenarios, leaving them better prepared for whatever may come their way.

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