An essential part of training: taking a break

Given that it’s summer and most of the civilized world has the ability to take time off with family and friends, I thought it would be a good time to remind you to do the same. Many of us who work a lot (and enjoy it) need to be reminded that work is not an end all. A balanced life includes time off and it is essential to recharging batteries that fade for everyone eventually.

This point is self-evident so I won’t bore you with my impersonation of Captain Obvious. Rather I’ll share with you some pix from my recent vacation and encourage you to do something that will relax you too!

Got to catch up with some old friends and get to better know some new ones!
Taught a mobility for martial artists workshop at Total Dojo in Milton Keynes.
A great group at Total Dojo. They are lucky to have Kru Tony Davis as their head instructor!
Did this mobility workshop in Newry, N. Ireland. This time as a benefit for a local girl suffering with cancer. I’m always impressed with how small communities pull together
With my “brother from another mother” Paul Devenny in N. Ireland!
Had a wonderful experience shooting traditional English longbows in Ireland. Big thanks to Jack Pinson of Living Longbows. Man, this guy can make a bow. The one I’m shooting here is an osage self bow. Spectacular!
Met by the lovely Marine after landing in Biarritz for some relaxing days in the south of France!
My beautiful wife!
A beautiful beach stained by actual Nazi bunkers slowly being drawn to the sea.
We stayed at my friend Didier’s lovely house in Labenne.
A delicious first meal in Biarritz. Literally right on the beach!
My beauty.
Two beauties. My wife and the sidewalks of Lisbon. A few days in Portugal were amazing!
At the Castle St. George in Lisbon.
The looks on our faces say it all. We are blessed to live lives where we can forget about the day to day things for a short time. Do it! You won’t be sorry you did!

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