Attitude is everything

I’ve been lucky enough in my time training and coaching to have been around some spectacularly talented athletes and martial artists. Some were professional fighters but not all by any means. One quality that I found in each of these people was the right attitude toward training. They were willing to work hard at learning (aka take their lumps) but also really loved and enjoyed the process. If you don’t love and enjoy the process, you will be miserable. And your misery won’t just be yours. Misery has a way of touching everyone around you. And chances are they neither like it nor deserve it.

There’s a saying that I’ll dilute a bit to maintain my PG rating: “If you hang around 9 jerks, you’re bound to be the 10th.” Basically, everyone we surround ourselves with will affect us. If you hang around bad people with bad attitudes you’re gonna make bad choices and be a pain to be around. If you hang around good people with good attitudes…you get the point.

This is exactly one of the things I love about the students and staff at Source 1 – they are all incredibly positive. I don’t know if this I had anything to do with this but either way it is a welcome quality in people I interact with on a daily basis and I assure you that I don’t take it for granted. I do my best to set a positive, hard working example, but in the end everyone makes the choice to follow that lead or not. And I am grateful that the Source 1 students and staff do.

I recommend you regularly take a moment of introspection and evaluate your attitude. Is it good? Could it be better? In the end we will all fail and succeed any number of times at any number of undertakings, often as the result of circumstances beyond our control. But the attitude we have during these times is COMPLETELY under our control. Take control of your attitude. Make it a positive one. Find the silver lining. And watch the amazing ripple effect it has, not just on you and your life, but everyone around you.

Stay strong, my friends.

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