First class!

Well after a lot of construction delays (some still happening) we opened the doors last night for our first class! And what a great time was had by all! The martial arts curriculum focuses on the teachings of Guro Dan Inosanto and this month we are introducing the students to Filipino Martial Arts (Kali) and Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do. While I knew returning to teaching all of the arts I know and love would be nice, I wasn’t prepared for just how great it would be!

In the era of the UFC, there’s something uniquely enjoyable about showing someone the intricacies of Kali for the first time and watching their eyes widen that this world even exists. And exists with soooooo much depth! What a blast! The JF/JKD was more easily digestible for the students, but similar to Kali, initial exposure to trapping hands is always a bit mind blowing. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!

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