Have a focus when you train.

I am the kind of person who enjoys a lot of interests. I train and teach martial arts. I train and teach strength and conditioning. I love to cook. I am into traditional archery and hit the woods during hunting season with a longbow. (As if hunting with a compound bow isn’t difficult enough…but that’s another story.) And that’s not counting the pastimes I’ve retired: guitar and pottery to name just two. My point is I enjoy a lot of different things and while this is healthy for the mind and a key to happiness, doing many things is detrimental to training. Physical training requires a focus. Without it, results will suffer. As Pavel says so succinctly, “Random training will produce random results.”

But coming up with a specific goal can be a challenge too! Personally, I would love to PR my kettlebell press and barbell deadlift and front squat every month as well as max out on my high volume kettlebell snatches. But I think we can all agree that just ain’t gonna happen. Something has to give in order to get. Right now for me I’m giving up my dead lift, front squat and KB press so I can focus on the bench press. I will admit, I hate to bench, but it is a requirement for me to finish the StrongFirst Lifter certification so I am on it 3x/week. To say I can’t wait to send in my test video is a massive understatement! But my point should not be lost in the humor. Simply put, I am focusing on what I need to accomplish. There’s really no other way.

Doing a bit of everything might be fun but it’s not training. Find what you want to accomplish and then hold yourself accountable.

Here’s to a stronger 2019!

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