If you read one author on diet, make sure it’s Gary Taubes!

Let me start this post with the ubiquitous disclaimer. I am not a nutritionist. Do not take this post as any kind of strict recommendation. This is merely a collection of my own personal experience with diet as well as many of my students over the years. If you have a medical condition that requires a specific diet that was crafted for you by a nutritionist or doctor, please buy all means FOLLOW IT!

Ok, that’s out of the way.

Diet is the single most powerful factor you can affect in your physical, mental and emotional transformation simply because you have control over what you eat. There are a ton of approaches to diet. I’ve tried more than a handful: vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan (yes, vegan…), intermittent fasting, paleo, primal… You get the idea. There are countless differences in these approaches to proper eating, but one aspect that runs throughout is limiting your sugar consumption. I’d say the man who has done more to bring to light the dangerous nature of processed sugar in the diet is Gary Taubes.

I was first introduced to Gary when his book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” came out a few years back. It is quite a dense piece of work. Gary’s research is both incredibly thorough and incredibly technical, and to be honest, more than my brain could handle. Though I never finished it, I liked the material a lot and recommended the book frequently. I must not have been alone in my difficulty getting through Good Calories because Gary then released “Why We Get Fat“, a much more readable work for the rest of us.

His newest book, “The Case Against Sugar” is a must read for anyone interested in the subject of general health or obesity, diabetes and/or heart disease specifically. Similar to Why We Get Fat, this book is quite readable without a medical degree. I remember as a kid being told that sugar is “empty calories”. I didn’t really know what that meant, but like most kids I took it to mean that sugar didn’t have any negative effect on us. This was the intended meaning, and we have the current epidemic in diabetes and obesity to thank for it!

Gary Taubes is an author you should definitely read, start with this article from the New York Times and see if you want to go deeper. If you’re not much of a reader, Gary is also all over YouTube. Check him out and see what you think!

Here’s to looking, feeling and moving better than ever!

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