Life doesn’t always offer perfect leverage.

I spent last week at my brother’s homestead outside Providence, Rhode Island. He and his wife have a beautiful little spot with 5 acres, nut trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, chickens, pigs and (soon) a steer. He worked his butt off for years and decided to retire from his previous line of work and live the good life on the farm. I’m not sure if he realized it would be more work than he’s ever done before!

Anyway, I will write a more in depth piece on this for the StrongFirst website, but for now feast your eyes on the beastly rocks we had to remove to get the livestock shelter built. Oh and the truck that pulled on rock out and the jackhammer that broke up the other one are just figments of your imagination. We did everything by hand…yeah.

Digging away!
How heavy could that be?
When you need more brute force, it’s good to have a diesel truck handy.

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