My current goal: tame the beast

Having recently completed the StrongFirst Lifter (SFL) certification and achieved “StrongFirst Elite” status I have set my sights on a new goal: Beast Tamer. I would say that it’s a goal for 2019 but it might take me til 2020 to actually achieve it! For those unfamiliar, the Beast Tamer Challenge is one…beast…of a task. It consists of 3 events, strict military press (no push press or jerk), strict pull up (no kip) and pistol (one-legged squat) with the 48k (106#) kettlebell.

Beast Tamers and StrongFirst’s resident Iron Maiden in action!

Everyone has their strength, so to speak. By that I mean people will excel at one or maybe two of these events but rarely does someone waltz through all three. For me the press is the most comfortable. At a body weight of 180 (right now…) I can comfortably press the 36k for reps on both sides and the 40k for a single with no prep. That’s not to say that adding 8k to my press won’t be a challenge, but at least it’s within sight. The pull up is a bit further off. I could probably grunt out one ugly rep with the 32k if my wife’s life depended on it, but that is not very close to the 48. The pistol, however, is literally miles away. Maybe light years…

Basically I have a lot of work to do. But it’s incredibly exciting to have a specific goal and one that can be attained with good programming and diligent practice.

What’s your current goal?

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