Some 1-inch punch fun!

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Amy Vorphal, one of my students from 5 Star Martial Arts, contacted me the other day with a surprisingly specific martial arts question. I’m the only person she knows in martial arts and she needed to find someone who could teach the 1-inch punch to the hosts of “Mothership“, the show she works on for @nerdist. Talk about a small world. As luck would have it I started training with Guro Dan Inosanto in 1992 and taught at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts from 1995 – 2009, so I was pretty comfortable with teaching this technique.

“Birth of a Dragon” the most recent film about Bruce Lee, was about to open and Amy wanted me to teach the hosts of Mothership, Jessica Chobot¬†and Hector Navarro, how to do this technique that Lee (and Wing Chun) was so famous for. It was a total blast working with these people, as the video below shows.



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