Start 2018 with a goal in mind!

New Year’s resolutions seem to have gone the way of the Do Do, but I strongly feel they are a terrific way to focus yourself on goals and make reaching them more of a reality.

So what do you want to accomplish this year? Is it something in your career? Marriage? Training? I’ll leave your career and marriage goals to you and your spouse to be, but I’ll make a simple recommendation on training: improved body composition.

Everyone likes looking good and the simplest way to make this happen is to control what kind of food goes in your mouth. Arguments for portion control can and should be made, but more important, I believe is what makes up the bulk of your diet. The single most damaging “food” that we eat way too much of is sugar. Period. End of story. If you can cut back on your sugar intake you will make a dramatic, positive impact on your body composition. (While eliminating all sugar from your diet would be optimal, I live in the real world and will be thrilled if you just cut back!)

What to cut back on?

  • Soft drinks likely constitute a great percentage of sugar intake, cutting back on them is a necessity. And don’t fall for the “sugar free” and “diet” soft drinks. Just steer clear. Drink sparkling water if you like the fizz, or still water if you don’t care either way.
  • Sweets like candy, cookies, brownies, etc are in abundance throughout the year, and in overdrive during the holidays. Simply cut back on the volume of sweets you take in during the day, especially in the evening before bed time.
  • Bread is one of the tastiest creations of humankind. Unfortunately how good it tastes equals how bad it is for you. I don’t care if it’s whole wheat, Wonder bread or a 12-grain artisan loaf. It’s going to spike your blood sugar and make you fat. Cut back

These are some simple steps to give you an improved body composition with absolutely ZERO extra time in the gym. Give them a go!

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