The importance of corrective exercises

Corrective exercises with the kettlebell allow us to address internal imbalances between right and left sides of the body as well as a general lack of mobility. After decades of martial arts training, one of the areas I needed the most work was in my T-spine. Simply put, my posture was terrible: rounded shoulders, slumped upper back, etc. Everything was just locked up from so many years of training and not returning to proper posture after training ended or doing the essential recovery work on the foam roller and other tools.

I’ve used corrective exercises with the kettlebell to address my numerous postural issues as well as balancing out stability between right and left. One of my favorites is the Half Kneeling Bent Arm Bar. It will be part of an article I recently wrote for outlining a handful of similar exercises. The article will hopefully drop soon, but until then, check out a little video on this exercise here.

Here’s to looking, feeling and moving better than ever!

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