Training while injured

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the training cycle. Even with the best program and technique, you will eventually get hurt. Hopefully it will be minor, but sometimes it will be significant. As upsetting as serious injuries are, they make the healing process very clear because neither crutches nor a sling allow for much in the way of training. Even if you can move, pain can often be exacerbated from just the jostling of every day movement that would otherwise be innocuous.

Luckily, for most of us serious injuries are not that common. Let me pause to say injuries must be diagnosed by qualified individuals. This means both you and your trainer are likely not qualified – myself included. However, assuming you get the injury diagnosed properly and it’s minor enough that you can work around it without delaying your recovery, please do!

Speaking for myself, I recently was sidelined by a rib injury. It was minor but enough that I couldn’t press, dead lift, do pull ups or ab contractions. So I did what I had left – squats. Body weight at first and then with light loads.

The bottom line is you have to find a balance between recuperating properly (not slowing down at all) and excessively (wrapping yourself in bubble wrap).

Get injuries diagnosed.

Ask what movements you can do safely.

And then do them. Wisely. Don’t overdo it because you can only do one thing.

Stay strong, my friends!

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