What are you training for???

I know you like to lift. So do I. But what exactly are you training for? Are you trying to hit a specific load with your dead lift? Are you trying to get in shape for an endurance event? Or maybe a martial arts competition. Maybe, like me, you want to tame the “Beast” (that’s a strict press, strict pull up and pistol squat with the 48k kettlebell). That goal will take me some time but while I work toward it I am also able to stay strong and mobile and adequately conditioned for the upcoming bow hunting season, some of the time likely spent at altitude. Whatever it is, you should know what it is.

Assuming you know what you’re training for the next question is are you on the right path and the question after that is are you sticking to the plan? Once you have a program in hand you need to follow it. Now I don’t mean hitting heavy singles at 95% of your 1RM the day after you had a crappy night of sleep and feel like death warmed over. If that’s your instinct, I’d refer you to my previous post “Always be smarter than the kettlebell.” But assuming you have your head screwed on straight, make sure to follow the plan. Just as desired outcomes in life are not guaranteed, so too is the case for desired outcomes in the gym, but staying the course is your best (and only) chance to find out how close you can get.

So I will ask you again, what are you training for? And are you following the plan you’ve chosen? If not you need to either rethink your goal so it’s more in line what you really want to accomplish or you need to kick yourself in the pants and get back on the program…and stick with it!

Stay strong, my friends!

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